Cold Data Storage with TQF and Azure

The Question Factory helps you to save your data with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides affordable, scalable and sustainable solutions for cloud storage and retrieval of archived data, large and small. Azure gives the possibility to save these large amounts of data in a highly secure way. The Question Factory has the knowledge to take your migration and management for this completely out of your hands. Off course the data remains at your disposal at all times.

Azure offers, along with The Question Factory, an extremely cheap alternative to storing data in relation to the "old" file servers and SANs.

Do you want an enormous amount of data stored in The Cloud? Let's say 10 TB of .pst files and/or archived data such as Word documents, Excel sheets, PDFs etc. Then this results in the following prices with The Question Factory:

  • Maximum of 10 TB data, management and 10 single incidents (monthly) will cost you €3.000,- each month.
  • The price of Microsoft Azure for storage of the data, in this case 10 TB has a target price of €400,- per month. You only pay for what you use on Microsoft Azure.

  • With these single incidents you should think for instance of having access again to a mailbox or a data folder. Management implies that, monthly, userdata from users who for instance have left the company will be archived in the cold storage of your Microsft Azure Storage. You also have access to the online tooling of The Question Factory so you can submit incidents and follow states.This amount does not include the migration of data to The Cloud. Obviously, this service of The Question Factory is scalable and a different amount of data will provide another quotation.

    Would you like to take a look at the variable prices of Microsoft Azure for yourself? Please click here for the Microsoft Azure price calculator.

    Or feel free to contact us for an appointment where we can discuss the possibilities for your company.