The Question Factory

The Question Factory, innovates, creates and inspires, we are your online source of information for Office 365 from Microsoft. The Question Factory has developed a tool set and website based on Microsoft Azure and Office365 technology with the ability to ask questions by phone or through this website and to view statuses of the incidents. In this site you will find all your information stored digitally with the highest security possible. You can manage your incidents and statuses digitally and, at any time, update and follow the progress.

The Cloud gives many possibilities for you and your company, no more, or less, need of your own hardware, staggered payments of the license, serious cost savings on energy costs and personnel costs. By using the latest cooling techniques of the data center servers, hot air is recycled, relieving stress on the environment. Your storage and backup are automatically taken care of by Microsoft with the latest techniques. No more problems with compliance and always usage of the latest versions of the software. Easy collaboration and also increase continuity and productivity by using Microsoft Office, Exchange, SharePoint and Lync.

Be inspired by the latest technology and let us take care of support for functional, technical and user management. We ensure that all users can work optimally in your organization on the basis of subscription support. You can ask questions 24/7 through the website and we are also available by phone during office hours.

Research University of Twente loss in productivity workers through ICT

On average a Dutch worker loses 7.6% of the time working on a PC because of poor functioning ICT and lack of digital skills. This problem seems to be of no concern to employees or executives. The provision of targeted training, strengthening the role of the helpdesk and supporting the informal support networks are opportunities to reduce this problem.

To give an idea. For a company with 15 employees, this means that they lose (on average) 9,1 hours a day to ICT issues. Every day!

The computer today, is an integral part of the work for the vast majority of Dutch employees. The importance of computers and the wider ICT is more far-reaching than just the impact on the way we organize our day. ICT makes work much easier, some of the work even unnecessary, let companies compete, and ensures transparency and innovation of products, services and processes. Most indicative of this interest is perhaps the fact that other research has shown that ICT is the engine behind the productivity gains that the Dutch economy over the past decades has achieved.

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The Question Factory and SLBdiensten

The Question Factory has recently entered an exclusive partnership with SLBdiensten. SLBdiensten was founded in 1992 as an intermediary between the software industry and senior secondary (vocational) education.

Almost all Dutch schools purchase their software via SLBdiensten at the lowest possible price and with the best conditions. Now SLBdiensten in collaboration with The Question Factory also provides support for Office 365, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

More and more educational institutions make the transition to the cloud and to Office 365. The Question Factory also manages the migration to Office 365 and the cloud. Herein we partner with Borg Projects. With SLBdiensten, our experience in large and small migrations and our partnership with Borg Projects we offer all the possibilities for a smooth transition to the cloud. We assist your organization in this from start to finish and beyond! After the migration, we provide the support for all your questions and also, if desired, take the management of Office 365 completely out of your hands so you can take full advantage of all the benefits of Office 365!

Click here for more information or to make an appointment with SLBdiensten and The Question Factory to discuss the opportunities for your organization.