Van Gansewinkel


Van Gansewinkel Group

Van Gansewinkel Group is both a waste service, as a raw materials and energy supplier. The company collects and processes waste into raw materials and energy. The home market is teh Benelux, but Van Gansewinkel Group is also active in Germany, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

By the end of 2013, Van Gansewinkel Group will start the migration to Office 365. Currently Vincent Schouten is working at Van Gansewinkel as a project manager to guide this process. The Question Factory is taking care of the migration of onpremise department data to SharePoint Online. For this the Axceler tool is used from Metalogix. In addition, The Question Factory also will see to it that the migration of left-behind-data to Windows Azure will run smoothly. By left-behind-data you can think of files from personell which is no longer employed by the company for example.




The Question Factory is a Microsoft partner. The whole concept was developed in close collaboration with Microsoft. The environment runs completely on Microsoft Azure and Office 365. There have been several sessions to adjust the tooling among others to specific needs the users have. These needs where tested by Microsoft and together with Microsoft this tooling was rolled out to an online platform where customers can enroll their questions in the form of a subscription, linked to Office 365. This enables the client to take this service from The Question Factory after they have migrated to Office 365 and ask both technical, user, functional and product related questions and get the answers to these questions. The question Factory enters this new model of using software for customers from 1 to 5000 users.


Also Aircargo has chosen for management and support from The Question Factory! is an international operating company in air freight, with many international customers. is an independant air freight forwarder which arranges and handles air freight from and to destinations all over the world. has migrated to Office 365 where support and management is taken care of by The Question Factory. This enables to assist their customers even more efficiently, this transition to the Cloud exactly fits in their strategy of flexibility and cost efficiency.



Polderburgh Assurantiën

Polderburgh Insurances has been active for years as a most capable advisor in the field of mortgages and insurances. Since June 2013 Polderburgh has migrated to Office 365 and has chosen to outsource management and support for its Office 365 to The Question Factory. This way they have no concerns about the office environment and can focus fully on giving the best service to their clients, while making optimum use of the features of Office 365. The Question Factory manages the IT infra-structure for Polderburgh and relieves them by giving the possibility of asking questions directly and by giving fast answers so that employees can work more productive.

Zeg! Creations


Zeg! Creations

“ We didn't even notice the migration to Office 365; everything went smooth! “

ZEG! Creations is a dynamic and highly experienced events and entertainment agency, specializing in efficient and effective entertainment events. A substantial value, where we meet the real needs of the client. We see events and entertainment as a balanced combination of objective, audience and intended effect. Experience, quality and creativity are the main instruments.

To be as flexible as possible and because our employees are often outside the door, we have chosen Office 365. The Question Factory was responsible for the entire migration of our employees to Office 365. With Microsoft Office 365, Zeg! Creations improves cooperation and communication capabilities, with the addition of the highest degree of safety and reliability.

Before transitioning to Office 365, Zeg! Creations has been working with 'hosted email in the cloud' since 2010.

VTAQ Consultancy


VTAQ Consultancy

Xander Visser is a certified Freelance Testspecialist with a broad experience in the field of Software Testing and the organisation of testing between different parties, both locally and internationally.

Recently, VTAQ Consultancy has fully migrated to Office 365. The Question Factory guided the migration smoothly. In addition, The Question Factory will provide the support and management for Office 365, so VTAQ Consultancy can use the Office 365 platform carefree and use it's full potential.

VTAQ Consultancy supports you in the management and execution of Software Testing or help you in the design and optimization of Test processes.

Regio College


Regio College Zaanstad

We, the Regio College Zaanstad have had our workflow solution on Sharepoint build and managed by The Question Factory. This workflow enables us to launch and use a new Exam Bank every year. The application was built by KbWorks and could directly be taken into management. This gives us a flexible environment without us having to let an application administrator organize our new environment annually. The Question Factory annually organizes a new environment for us, including all associated workflows. We can still adjust these to fit the needs of the Regio College Zaanstad.