The Question Factory

Are you using Office 365 and perhaps Windows 8 and do you want to save costs as well as manage your IT in a flexible manner? Do you want to optimize the use of Office 365 without having to invest in an expensive consultant? To relieve your Office 365 environment, The Question Factory was developed together with Microsoft. We look forward to manage and support your Office 365 environment at a very low monthly cost. This way you never have to worry about your Office 365 environment.

Your advantage:

  • Never worry about user management.
  • A professional helpdesk for all your questions.
  • A 24/7 online support portal.
  • Follow and update user questions within a 24/7. environment

With a subscription to The Question Factory, you can assure yourself of professional support and management of your Office 365 environment for business or private use at very low monthly cost.

Ask questions 24/7 through the online helpdesk portal and create tickets. During office The Question Factory can be reached by phone at number +31 20 893 21 65.

Our support and management is available in both Dutch and English. A TQF-employee will assist you, if desired, to carry out the provided solution.

It’s mandatory that the issues that are raised by both companies or individuals are reproducible by a TQF-employee.

In addition, the following items are excluded from support:
•   InfoPath
•   Development
•   Macros
•   Code
•   Link to 3rd party packages


Company Clients:

For business use, the following subscriptions available.

S1: 1-50000 users
S2: For education only

S1: For companies with 1-50000 employees.
For € 19.45 per user, per month unlimited questions 24/7 via the online helpdesk portal and / or by phone during office hours.

Calculation example:

A company with 64 employees register on to The Question Factory.

Per month this gives the following costs result:
      64 * €19,45 = € 1244,80 per maand excl. V.A.T.


For individuals, the professional help desk of The Question Factory is also fully available. If you ask a single individual question to our helpdesk, this will cost € 30,- incl V.A.T. per question.

Educational institutions:

For educational institutions there is the S3 subscription wich applies to educational institutions only, and is available for € 6, - per user per month.

S3 is functionally the same as the S1 variant for business use. In education we record 5 core users per 100 users. These core users can ask unlimited questions to The Question Factory. The management is of course provided by The Factory Question for all 100 users.

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